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Free Icons Preview 64x64 px

In addition to bigger icons provides a complete set of smaller icons of 64 x 64 px size that could help the developers of websites related to e-commerce, web hosting, and probably any IT related web sites to inhance their project with professionally looking and actualy very beautiful icons that you can see below. does not restrict the possible use of the free icons, i.e. one can use the icons for whatever purposes he or she wishes ranging from personal blogs and up to commercial web sites, online stores/shops, etc. and thus does not require to provide any credits in exchange for using our free web icons, however, we'd really apprecite if you could find some space to link our page somewhere on your site.

New Icon DataCms Icon DataFacebook Icon DataRocket Icon DataMysql Icon DataSearch Icon DataDiscount Icon DataPhp Icon DataDemo Icon DataLinux Icon DataQrcode Icon DataSkype Icon DataTwitter Icon DataSupport Icon DataCredit Card Icon DataBackup Icon DataChat Operator Icon DataTeacher Icon DataMan Icon DataEuro Icon DataCoupon Icon DataStudent Icon DataWizard Icon DataFirewall Icon Data3 Servers Icon DataApache Icon DataGreen Site Icon DataVps Icon DataMoney Back Icon DataEco Friendly Icon DataDns Icon DataBusiness Card Icon DataControl Panel Icon DataMap Icon DataJoomla Icon Data24x7 Icon DataSmartphone Icon DataLab Icon DataTutorials Icon DataGraphs Icon DataAsp Net Icon DataLive Chat Icon Data2 Servers Icon DataSsl Icon DataWindows Icon DataSettings Icon DataShopping Cart Icon DataPaypal Icon DataGoal Icon DataTools Icon DataSale Icon DataSite Builder Icon DataDollar Icon DataWomen Icon DataFaq Icon DataKey Icon DataOpen Box Icon DataGoogle Plus Icon DataOpen Source Icon DataCharts Icon DataVideo Icon DataBitcoin Icon DataCloud Icon DataAndroid Icon DataForums Icon DataAddress Book Icon DataWind Energy Icon Data1 Server Icon DataWordpress Icon DataEmail Icon DataSystem Status Icon DataDelivery Icon DataDomain Name Icon DataCalculator Icon Data

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