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Arvixe WebsiteArvixe was found in 2003 and they proposed their mission was to provide great service at a low price. 11 years later Arvixe claims they are still running strong and providing award winning support to their customers. Arvixe provides both Linux hosting (PHP, MySQL) and Windows web hosting (ASP .NET, MSSQL) plans ranging from shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers, and thus they are sure their clients are able to find the right hosting plan for their site.

Arvixe also states each of their webhosting plans comes with easy to install scripts and offers the ability to choose where the site is hosted, either in one of their datacenters in USA, Europe, or Singapore (coming soon).

Arvixe General Information

Arvixe, LLC
7031 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 150
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Toll FREE phone: 888-927-8493
International phone: +1-707-304-5520
E-mail: sales [at] arvixe.com

Arvixe Data Center

Arvixe claims that they’re constantly expanding their footprint to provide better and faster service to their customers, and thus all their datacenters use the latest technology and provide their customer peace of mind with redundancies and offsite backups.

Arvixe Data CenterArvixe are sure their server techs are the best in the industry and continuously stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends that help to improve their services further.

At the time of publishing this Arvixe hosting review they maintain several data centers at the following locations:

United States – Arvixe utilizes 2 main data centers in the US, one in Dallas, Texas and the other in Chicago, IL. According to Arvixe this provides their customers with unparralleled speed along with redundency for extra security.

Europe – Arvixe data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands is proposed to provide their European customers with the better speeds in Europe. This data center is also connected back both US data centers for redundency and ease of access.

Singapore – Arvixe also plans to bring on support in the Asian market with the launch of their Singapore data center in mid 2014.

For more information please check Arvixe data centers web page.

Arvixe Hosting plans

According to Arvixe website they provide the full range of web hosting services start from domain name registeration, and low cost personal hosting plans with free website builder in the areas of linux hosting and asp .net hosting, then reseller hosting and business hosting plans that might be interesting for web designers and small businesses, as well as VPS hosting, or managed dedicated servers for web developers and larger corporate clients.

You can check the details of different Arvixe hosting plans below:

Arvixe Personal Hosting plan

Arvixe Personal Hosting

  • Linux or Windows personal hosting
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • PHP 4/5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby
  • ASP .NET, AJAX, MSSQL (w/ remote access)
  • Shell Access / SFTP
  • Frontpage Extensions support
  • Easy CPanel or WebSitePanel control panel
  • 24/7 US Based Support
  • 100% Windows, Mac and Linux friendly
  • 99.9% Guaranteed uptime
  • FREE options:
    – Free Domain Registration for Life
    – Free $100 Google Adwords, $75 Bing/Yahoo! credits
    – Free Site Builder, Online Store, etc.
Price: from $4.00 /month (Windows hosting: $5.00/month) – learn more

Arvixe Reseller Hosting plan

Arvixe Reseller Hosting

  • Linux or Windows reseller hosting
  • 50 Gigs of disk space
  • 500 Gigs of bandwidth per month
  • Host UNLIMITED websites/domains
  • cPanel/WHM or WebSitePanel control panel
  • FREE options:
    Free Domain Registration for Life
    – Free Dedicated IP address
    – Free Domain Reseller account
    – Free Private/Anonymous Name Servers
    – Free Free SSL Certificate For Life, etc.
Price: from $20.00 /month (Windows hosting: $25.00/month) – learn more

Arvixe VPS Hosting plan

Arvixe VPS Hosting

  • Linux or Windows VPS hosting
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 1.5-2 GB RAM (Dedicated Memory)
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Transfer
  • 2 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • cPanel/WHM or WebSitePanel control panel
  • Full ROOT/Administrative access
  • Hyper-V Technology
  • OS: CentOS 6 or Windows Server 2012
Price: from $40.00 /month (Windows VPS: $60.00/month) – learn more

Arvixe Dedicated Hosting

Arvixe Dedicated Hosting

  • CPU: Intel Xeon 3050 2.13GHz+
  • 2048 MB of RAM (memory)
  • 250 GB SATA hard drive
  • 5,000 GB Monthly Transfer
  • 5 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • 100 Mbps Uplink port
  • Control panel: cPanel/WHM or WebSitePanel available
  • OS: CentOS 5.x 64 bit, or Windows Server 2008/2012 Standard 64 bit
  • Completely managed dedicated hosting, etc.
Price: from $105.00 /month (with CP: $135.00 monthly) – learn more

Arvixe Hosting Features

Arvixe Advantages

As per Arvixe Hosting website there are many advantages to use thier shared, resellers, VPS and dedicated hosting services and the following are just some of the reasons to choose exactly Arvixe to host one’s website:

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If a client wishes to cancel his/her account at anytime within the first 60 days of the service, Arvixe promises to provide a full refund.
  • 99.9% Site Uptime
    If during any month, Arxixe does not live up to their 99.9% uptime guarantee, clients qualify to receive a refund on that month’s hosting fees.
  • 24 Hour Support
    Arvixe US-based customer service and technical support representatives are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, the issues can be resolved as quickly as possible at anytime.
  • Free Website Transfer
    When moving from another web host, Arvixe technical support representatives can assist to transfer website content over to their servers. This service is provided at no cost.
  • No Hidden Fees
    Arvixe claims that all fees are represented clearly on their website and one can be sure that there will be no extra charges or fees.

Arvixe Resources

Main website: www.arvixe.com

Options: Personal Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting

Arvixe Reviews by Customers

Below you can read Arvixe reviews submitted by our site visitors who were (or used to be) Arvixe customers at the time of writing the review.

  1. Posted by Nuwan L Ekanayaka on May 15, 2014

    Website: vsolutionslk.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    Arvixe the best hosting provider ever among several most popular hosting providers available.

  2. Posted by Tim Knight on June 1, 2014

    Website: rt60pc.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    I have used Arvixe hosting for many years and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Customer service is great and they are always very helpful!

  3. Posted by Thomas Scott on November 5, 2014

    Website: thomasscottbooks.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    I have tried many web hosting solutions over the years and have found Arvixe to be the absolute best! Great service and support. Always very helpful!

  4. Posted by JULEV AJETO on November 11, 2014

    Website: vdesksolution.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    Arvixe offers excellent features in their web hosting packages. A great web host with excellent support. I highly recommend it to my friends, colleagues, families and others who did not known this awesome services.

  5. Posted by Jannifer Wong on November 23, 2014

    Website: hongkongstylesupply.com (hosted by Arvixe.com)

    I have hosted in Arvixe.com for over 2 months. So far has no problems. The customer service is good and professional. Server reliability is high.

  6. Posted by J SCHOEMAN on November 28, 2014

    Website: knoxfitzroy.org (hosted by Arvixe)

    I chose Arvixe as the offer a great ASP hosting plan at a very competitive price. Tech support is quick to respond and have always been able to help in all instances.

    Would highly recommend them as a good all round hosting provider with fast hosting and even faster support!

  7. Posted by Cheryl Sletten on December 29, 2014

    Website: Unleashingwomeninthechurch.com (at Arvixe)

    I chose Arvixe after researching recommendations from PC and Business publications and finding them as the top choice in several. My experience with them has not disappointed. I have needed technical support several times (so far) and have received fast, friendly service and resolution every time.

    Highly recommend!

  8. Posted by Justin Johnson on January 15, 2015

    Website: Luzthreads.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    After working on my ASP.NET application I needed to host it for as cheap as possible. Arvixe not only looked reputable but had the plan I wanted. Not to mention the extra stuff they give you when you choose them as your host. They also provide great support and actually seem to care! That always works, so I recommend Arvixe for their awesome service.

  9. Posted by Jeremy Brown on January 20, 2015

    Website: Jbpd.net (hosted by Arvixe)

    I host 5 different client websites through Arvixe and will not go with anyone else. It was created by developers for developers and it exactly what I was looking for when I decided to switch from my previous hosting company. Fantastic prices and amazing solutions to problems that other hosts can’t match. Thanks Arvixe, you have made a lifetime customer.

  10. Posted by kokhant on January 30, 2015

    Website: mmitfriends.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    I chose arvixe among best web hosting services. I feel that I’ve made an absolutely Right Choise! It has a wonderful performance at very fair price. Me, give it as Highly Recommanded!

  11. Posted by Abubakar Sattar on March 2, 2015

    Website: moviestvslinks.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    I purchased my Domain in Fab, 2013 and hosted it on Many Hosting Providers but at last I found Arvixe and Got Hosting Account October, 2014. Now I feel this is my Best Choice among all Hosting Providers. Arvixe is just Great Hosting.

    Especially I really Appreciate Arvixe Support because whenever i feel any problem Arvixe Support provide me Quick response and resolved my issues.

  12. Posted by Seppy on March 18, 2015

    Website: videoplayerhd.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    I own 3 domains,all on Arvixe Hosting.Domains buyed from Arvixe,too. The fast response from Arvixe Customer Support made me to continue to use their services. I highly recommend using Arvixe.

  13. Posted by Duminda Jayaranjan on April 5, 2015

    Website: Aidesca.com (hosted by Arvixe.com)

    At glance, I highly recommend to use Arvixe services. So,far they have given their services at a level of 100% satisfaction and very fast customer services as well. Really speaking, Arvixe is very good and keep promises, no hidden charges, and no two rates in second year like some other services. I have another two domains currently under some other service providers, and I will move them to this excellent Arvixe hosting services.

  14. Posted by Andrew Gibson on May 27, 2015

    Website: autonomicstudios.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    I looked around for a few weeks, trying to find a web host that would fit my criteria for cost, dependability and ease of use, but was not having much luck. A good friend of mine who specializes in website and web application development suggested looking to Arvixe. Needless to say, his suggestion was right on point with what I was looking for. I am a huge fan of Arvixe for several reasons: low monthly cost, wonderful technical support and the fact that I have never had any issues whatsoever with my service. My website, email and database have been running smoothly with no problems. Thanks to the awesome people at Arvixe!

  15. Posted by Bruce Logan on July 5, 2015

    Website: Bslsales.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    I had hosted with a few other companies before and were ok with a couple of them. This time I wanted to find something a little different, in terms of price and tech support. I tried Arvixe and have become 100% satisfied with them. I have never had any problems with them at all. My site runs great, email work perfectly and the few times have interacted with support? flawles! I would recommend them HIGHLY!

  16. Posted by Jorge Casco on August 10, 2015

    Website: Casco.global (hosted by Arvixe)

    I’m a small business owner who recently started using Arvixe to eventually start advertising on the WWW. Their web hosting services are easy to understand and they provide tons of documentation to help you navigate through various products. I plan to continue using Arvixe for all my future hosting needs.

  17. Posted by Tiffany on August 19, 2015

    Website: Tiffanyaki.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    Arvixe is a great host server company as they offer inexpensive plans for small businesses without all the junk from a bigger company like GoDaddy. I intend to move my other website over to arvixe after it’s subscription ends. The customer support is also quick at responding. I appreciate their services.
    Thank you!

  18. Posted by Rodney Knaak on September 26, 2015

    Website: Computerhealthclinic.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    You know you have a good host when things are working quietly and smoothly in the background and you don’t really think about it because there are never any problems or downtime. That describes Arvixe very well. They offer an amazing variety of web applications to choose from for building websites, too. I’m glad I did my research before choosing the BEST host out there!

  19. Posted by Joel Miller on November 10, 2015

    I have used other web hosting companies and arvixe blows them all out of the water. There customer service is top notch and always resolve issuse very quickly. There selection of options for there hosting is great. I will always recommended Arvixe.

  20. Posted by Phil on January 7, 2016

    Website: codeoftanks.com (hosted by Arvixe)

    We switched to Arvixe from a more expensive hosting company and we’re pleased with the service and support. Every time we had a problem the support team was responsive and we got it figured out. If they can keep the pricing competitive they’ll remain our #1 choice for hosting.

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