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ServerPronto WebsiteServerPronto is a subsidiary of infolink that provides affordable and cheap dedicated hosting services since late 90s. It is also known as one of the world’s most prosperous data center corporations. For over ten years ServerPronto has been offering its products at low prices. Besides, they consider their other major advantages to be as follows: reliability, bandwidth, facilities and security. According to the company, they currently have more than 10,000 dedicated hosting customers.

ServerPronto has their own network with the location in the USA which maintains fast and redundant fiber connections providing Tier I internet backbone access. The company’s data centers with in-house servers are strongly monitored and secured and support center is available 24x7x365.

ServerPronto promises a server to meet customers’ requirements and a low cost for dedicated hosting. Among other services they offer: web development, web hosting, eco web hosting, e-commerce, vps web hosting, online gaming, cloud web hosting. Also Server Pronto declare that they have no long-term contracts, and every customer can cancel hosting service within a month period.

Server Pronto General Information

Mailing address and contact infomation are as follows:

ServerPronto / Infolink
3109 Grand Ave. #455
Miami, FL 33133
Phone: +1-305-324-1616
Fax: +1-305-324-1919

E-mail: sales [at] serverpronto.com

ServerPronto Data Center

ServerPronto Data CenterServerPronto operates their own data center and network and this is why they can guarantee fast internet connectivity. It is possible due to via NAP (Network Access Point) infrastructure with an access to multiple Tier I internet service providers. Tier I standard comprises: Global crossing, Level 3, AT&T, Cogent, Covad.

Moreover, ServerPronto provides carrier-neutral data center services. They are for those clients of small to medium-sized businesses who have their own fiber lines or connectivity agreements with Tier I internet service providers. Therefore, they can be connected directly to their carrier over Infolink’s fiber ring and should have some benefits – fault tolerant facilities and equipment.

Server Pronto say they maintain appropriate security environment as video monitoring, entry controls, restricted access. This way customer servers are supposed to fulfil Requirement 9 of the PCI security standard council guidelines concerning physical limitation and security to data.

ServerPronto Dedicated Hosting plans

ServerPronto has a number of dedicated server plans and their options vary in specifications, services, rates and a set of extras. They offer a choice of server operating systems featuring BSD options based on unix, enterprise linux, free linux and windows hosting (the latter are in ten versions). Linux options comprise free Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian and Gentoo. We suggest viewing a basic package to take into consideration for a start:

STARTER dedicated server plan by ServerPronto

  • Free setup
  • CPU: AMD Athlon Dual-Core 260 Regor 2x 3.20GHz
  • Hard drive: 500 GB SATA2 (SSD avl.)
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR2 + 2GB free
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB included
  • Port: 100 Mbps uplink port
  • Free options:

* Webmin control panel
* Software Firewall
* 1 IP address
* Reboot and support tickets

Price: $39.95 per month – learn more

ServerPronto Dedicated Hosting - 2 months free!

ServerPronto Advantages

ServerPronto is one of the cheapest web hosting provider and their dedicated servers solution should fit requirements for businesses of different levels. The following are the key advantages of ServerPronto web hosting:

  • Get 2 months Free: ServerPronto offers new clients a migration promotion that gives 2 free months of service to smoothly migrate their dedicated server or virtual private server from another provider to Server Pronto. The promo is available with a 6-months contract and quarterly payment.
  • 100Mbps Uplink Port: unlike other cheap dedicated server hosts offering 10 Mbps port connection, ServerPronto is able to provide 100 Mbps port. This allows customers to have a much faster access to the server as well as to files, database, etc.
  • Green Web Hosting: ServerPronto lists their service among green web hosts as they provide dedicated servers with such energy saving components as Intel Atom CPU, WD caviar green HDD and 80+ high efficiency power supplies.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee: being aware of how crucial can uptime be for customers and their businesses, ServerPronto guarantees 100% network uptime. And they suppose they can make it possible due to their high-class data centers and network connectivity supplied via fault-tolerant facilities.

ServerPronto Coupons

Now that is possible to use the following ServerPronto promotional code to get one of the best 10% off discount of the total price of the order:

Copy promo code and use it on Serverpronto site to get a recurring discount that applies to all further payments for the selected Serverpronto dedicated server but not only the first payment.

Please also check ServerPronto coupons page for the detailed instructions on how to apply the coupon code.

ServerPronto Resources

Main website: www.ServerPronto.com
Support Options: ServerPronto Customer Support Portal

» Promo: ServerPronto Special – $29/month (Dual-Core, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hdd)

ServerPronto Reviews by Customers

Below you can read ServerPronto reviews submitted by our site visitors who were (or used to be) ServerPronto customers at the time of writing the review.

  1. Posted by Peter Hasselberg on February 14, 2012

    I’ve been looking for a cheap and affordable server solution for quite a while and found this company via an online ad. I ordered a Dual Core server and got it so fast that I still can’t believe it. ServerPronto is the solution for all of us looking for a fast, affordable and reliable server.
    Will recommend this to all my friends in Germany.

  2. Posted by Steven Hillbert on March 25, 2012

    Since 5 years I have servers with ServerPronto now and I can only recommend their service to anybody who needs a high performance, fast and reliable server and also looks for 24/7/365 customer service. Their speed and uptime performance is great and their prices are cheap and affordable. My name is Steven Hillbert and I recommend ServerPronto for all webhosting and server hosting needs.

  3. Posted by Hank C. on April 28, 2012

    I run a computer consultant company in Napier, New Zealand. I operate a very successful hosting business and have currently four servers with ServerPronto. They sure live up to their name “ServerPronto” because my order was up and running within 2 hours. Very impressive performance. I highly recommend the fast and powerful offers as well as their friendly customer support. Continue that great work.

  4. Posted by Alvio Sanchez on May 29, 2012

    ServerPronto and CloudPronto have exceeded our expectations. Since two years we are in business with them and we are more than satisfied. The “Starter” server we have from them has plenty of power and the connection is fast and powerful. The cloud server is always reachable and performs great. Excelente!

  5. Posted by MF on July 6, 2012

    I’ve had a dedicated machine at ServerPronto since 2005. It’s for personal use, but having spent time working for a Tier-1 ISP, I’m picky and don’t hang around where the service is anything less than top-drawer.

    I was a bit skeptical of the low price when I started but have been more than pleased with the service I’ve received. Uptime hasn’t been without the odd burp, but on the whole it’s been excellent. Customer service has gone far out of its way to make sure I’m happy at least twice. The price has remained very close to the same since day one, with a small increase that I think was related to the Florida taxes they have to collect. Even the hardware has been great: the system I turned on in 2005 ran pretty much continuously without problem until a month or two ago when I shut it down and moved to a bigger one (same plan, same price).

    Bottom line: I look for bang for the buck, and these guys deliver that in spades. My system has been up and available when I need it, and that’s what counts.

  6. Posted by WiZaxx on October 22, 2012

    Superior support!
    That’s what I’m looking at and those guys can deliver it.

    Like any business, things happens and the difference is how they are fixed.

    I was red lots of reviews before deciding and not all were positive, but I trusted my instinct and it was right.

    Highly recommended.

  7. Posted by Clifford on April 23, 2015

    I have not had one single issue with Server Pronto. Up time for me has been 100% so far for the past year.I use this 24/7 for my Call Center VOIP platform and VOIP termination business. They answer their support ticket very quickly.

    A+ Thumbs UP!

  8. Posted by javier on December 16, 2015

    great service, great support, excellent uptime, competitive pricing. very happy with them. have been a customer for over a decade.

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