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Posted on June 3, 2015

iPage serves 1,000,000 Customers As per iPage hosting site they have been providing lower cost website hosting services since 1998, and at the time of posting this article they are serving over 1,000,000 customers all around the world.

iPage.com has been the number one (#1) in PRchecker.info’s best web hosting list for a while and it seems many websites around also rank iPage host quite high, so if you are looking for an affordable and low cost web host, there might be some sense to try iPage service.

In addition to shared hosting iPage recently started to offer low cost VPS hosting as well as dedicated server hosting plans that can provide much more capacity to busy web sites that serve 1000’s of daily visitors or that require extensive CPU / Memory resources for their websites to run properly.

So that, those who has grown up shared hosting and regularly get “insufficient resources” errors, they might want to check VPS and Dedicated servers plans.

Web Hosting Discount: How to use iPage Coupon code

In order to try the mentioned above iPage services at a significantly lower prices you might want to use a so called iPage coupon code that gives quite good (and from time to time even huge) discount off the price of iPage hosting plans.

1). Follow the special linkCLICK HERE

This is a special link that goes to a “secret discount page” that is not available via regular links to iPage site, as per the picture below:

iPage Coupon page

2). Copy the coupon code from the text-box below

3). Paste the iPage coupon to the corresponding text-box at iPage website where it is written “Enter Coupon Code” as per the picture above

4). Click the button with the Key in order to submit a coupon

5). That’s it. You are automatically redirected to the homepage of iPage website with the maximum possible web hosting discount that is valid at the time of submitting the coupon. So that you can buy iPage web hosting with the discount.

We hope you enjoy the discount for iPage hosting provided by PRchecker 🙂

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